A good taxi service isn’t just about getting from A to B

Most people have experienced a bad taxi service such as this, yes I’ve exaggerated a bit, but I’m sure it’ll sound familiar…

You’ve rung and booked your taxi.

You’re ready and waiting

And waiting..

You’ve given it 10 minutes then rung to find out where it is.

“Just round the corner” you’re told and 15 minutes later a battered dirty taxi squeals to a stop outside and the driver has popped the boot and watched you struggle to put your bags and baby’s pushchair in.
On opening the door a nasty smell hits you and you try to perch on the edge of the stained and dirty seat so you don’t spoil your outfit.

“Where to?” Asks the driver

Off you go in the shuddering, clanking car holding on for dear life as you’re driven hell for leather to your destination with a satnav chirping directions by a grumpy cabby either in complete silence broken only by curses at other road users or subjected to a monologue of the troubles of the taxi trade.

So what makes us different?

We take pride in our taxi, it is the tool of our trade and it’s literally our biggest advertisement.
We keep it clean, tidy and looking and smelling good. Maintenance is important for reliability, the car’s and ours. Cutting costs just doesn’t make sense. If a car isn’t serviced regularly it’s more likely to break down, remoulded tyres are more likely to blow out. taxi-outside-wetherspoons-barnstaple

Our taxi is serviced every 10,000 miles ( about every 3 months ) by a reputable mechanic.
Tyres are important for safety. We buy quality tyres and check their condition daily.

We understand that when you book a taxi for a certain time that’s when you’d like it to arrive.
No one likes to be kept waiting.

If you ring us for a taxi to come as soon as possible we prefer to be honest and tell you as accurately as possible how long it’ll be before we can get to you and if we are unavoidably delayed we will let you know.

When we arrive we call or send you a text so you can wait comfortably inside.

For us it’s all about you. We want to make your journey, long or short, a pleasant experience and we’re happy help in any way we can, be that carrying your bags, opening doors or sharing our local knowledge. Nothing is too much trouble.

Taxi fares are controlled by North Devon Council and the meter displays the maximum allowed fare. We always run the meter so that you know we’re not charging you too much and we discount the fare for advanced bookings and regular customers. We also have set prices for longer journeys.

We want it to be easy for you to contact us any way that suits you best.
Our mobile number 07824 806 304 which goes directly to the taxi and if you’re calling from a landline it might be cheaper to call our advance bookings landline 01271 379994. We don’t have staff so you speak directly to us.
Sometimes it’s more convenient to send a text, maybe it makes more sense to explain what you need in an email at or contact form on our website or ask a question on twitter or Facebook.

We will respond to your query as quickly as possible.

We’ve made it easy for you to spot us too with our purple taxi roof-sign. In North Devon there’s no need to go to the front taxi on the rank (except at the train station)

We enjoy doing what we do and we hope that shows.
We put a lot of thought into offering the best possible service and value for money.

Days and night shifts are very different and we play to our strengths.
Paul copes better with daytime traffic whereas I prefer to work at night which has its own challenges (something I regularly tweet about and the subject of another blog maybe).
Many ladies have commented that they feel more comfortable with a female driver at night.

We love where we live and work and we know the area well. We enjoy sharing that with our customers either by recommending a place to visit, a restaurant or service, local events or sharing photos of our beautiful county.

Taxi driving is as much a way of life as a job and running a small business is a bit like having a baby, a 24/7 responsibility.

Working opposite shifts to each other many people would say we have a perfect marriage.

We make sure we’re available when we’re most needed and adapt our lives around that, our weekends are midweek and our Christmas is in January.

We work from the taxi rank in Barnstaple during these hours:

Monday 8am – 4pm
Thursday 8am – 3.30am
Friday 8am – 3.30am
Saturday 8am – 4am
Sunday 8am – 1am

And can be booked in advance at all other times.

When we’re not working our mobile phone number is not diverted to random other taxi companies so the choice is yours and you know who you’re getting. We are still contactable for quotes, questions and pre-bookings via text, email, Facebook or twitter or our advanced bookings number.

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